Sue Jackson

Therapist / Writer / Photographer / Activist

About Me

Welcome to the homepage of Sue Jackson. I am a therapist, writer, photographer and activist. 

Much as I love the bush and the beach, Melbourne - Australia’s second largest city - is where I belong. Its bluestone buildings, the mighty Yarra river with its rich Aboriginal history, its cobbled alleyways, its world-famous street art, its flourishing urban farming scene and numerous Greens supporters, all make me happy to call it ‘home’. It helps a lot too that, though they have travelled the world, my kids and their families have all landed in multi-cultural Melbourne. 

Check out Writing for a selection of my recent publications. In Photography you will see some of my favourite offerings. And to find out why my neighbours and I struggled out of bed before dawn every morning last summer to race to our 5am picket simply visit my Blog. There you will discover my take on the triumphant campaign against the abominable East-West Link. The blog also features ongoing musings and images from this Australian life. And please do leave a message; I love conversation. 

Over thirty years ago I lucked on the perfect job - working as an individual, couples and family therapist and supervisor. Issues of social justice and inclusion underpin my work, which is undoubtedly why I still find the job fascinating. 

When I accepted my son’s generous offer of a website ten years back, I did so in the hope of adding ‘one more small voice to the ever-widening, dissenting global voice’ while encouraging others to do the same. In 2014, I decided to re-vamp my website in order to make it feel a bit more contemporary. I hope you enjoy it.

I regularly communicate with people via my blog and Twitter, and I am always happy to make new connections via LinkedIn.

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